NEME!!!! Guess what I have for you!!!. I completed and extended that little prompt I was doing. This time I show you Tim fighting back. XD

TITLE: Haste

Rating: T

Pairing: Tim/Jason

Prompt: There isn’t time to explain why they have to run, so Jason just grabs Tim and runs.

Warning: none that I can think off… except horrible unforeseen grammatical errors, and maybe extreme cases of OOC. Cant tell as I haven’t read that many Batman comics.

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It was sudden, abrupt and a little bit jarring. Tim focused solely on the hand squeezing his wrist, pulling him along the alleyways of San Francisco. It was a slow day and what could be considered as a ‘no evil organisations/cults/brotherhoods/etc. trying to [insert name of catastrophe that will likely result in world destruction here] sort of day’. As such the rest of the Titans were out and about patrolling the city to remind the citizens that they were under safe hands.

And then suddenly there he was, on the other side of the street with Kory and Roy. The one person Tim definitely did not want to meet after what happened back in Gotham. Seemed Jason had the exact same thought as he started back with an equally hesitant expression. Everything form then on was background noise to Tim. He didn’t register when Victor called Kory, Roy and Jason over, didn’t listen to the greeting of the other Titans as they welcomed back their predecessors. His thoughts were trained solely on Jason and nothing else.

That was when Jason lunged. Just grabbed his hand and pulled him away from his friends, away from the main streets of bustling city and into the back alleyways. Tim looked back as Bart prepared to chase after him only to be held back by Roy and Kory. Their heads shaking telling the others not to follow as they looked at Jason with a knowing gaze. So Tim focused back on Jason. Watched the fluidity of his back as the other man pulled him along, a faint blush painting his features as he remembered the last time he was alone with Jason.

Then his back was pushed against the wall, rough and harsh, knocked the wind right out of his lungs. Lungs that were unable to get oxygen for the surprising obstruction that was currently covering his mouth. Took him a while to register that Jason was kissing him but when he did…

Oh how he fought back…

The kisses were fierce and needy. All bunched hands and clutched shirts. There was a desperate urgency as though some dark beast of desire woke when Jason kissed him.  Tim grasped hard on Jason’s jacket, pulling the other man closer, as though trying to merge them together. Gripped by a possessive want that demanded they touch. He moaned into the kiss, urged, taunted, played with Jason’s mind. Demanded that he obey and submit, ordered that they never break contact.

Jason could do nothing but obey, surprised by the dominance that Tim rarely displayed. They broke contact briefly only because their lungs demanded attention. Foreheads touching they huffed. Breath rugged from the kisses, his eyes searching Tim’s trying to gauge his reactions. He was meet only with a kiss fiercer than his own as Tim lunged forward, eager to taste Jason again. And again they were nothing more than a tangle of limbs, fighting for supremacy. Jason attempted to take control to slow Tim down, but Robin would have none of it and Jason found himself drowning in the bliss that was Tim.

The whistle was what snapped them to attention. Like panicked deer they turned to look at the grinning faces of Roy and Kory. Jason saw the cocky smirk that was spread across Roy’s face – he’d have to make sure he dealt with him later.

“Whoa Jay-bird. Now I see why you wanted to come here all of a sudden.” Right won’t deal with him later, much better to kill him now.

“Settle Jason, we only came to make sure nothing was going on.” That was Kory always the voice of fucking reason. “Although I’d suggest postponing your little rendezvous for a while. The others are coming. They were concerned for Robin after you took him so hastily.”

Jason opened his mouth, was about to argue but –

“To hell with postponing. I finally got Jason to kiss me. Let them watch if they want!”

He felt the lapels of his jacket being pulled as his lips meet Tim’s once again. And this time he decided he’d just let his Robin lead.